Our aim is to provide innovative insurance solutions underpinned by the traditional qualities of personal service and professionalism.

3 Dimensional Insurance (3Di) is a forward thinking Lloyd’s broker involved in placing all classes of risk in the UK and around the world. 3Di is at the heart of the London insurance market, active in Lloyd’s and looking to move the insurance industry forward in the 21st century.

The use of technology is at the forefront of 3Di’s philosophy of presenting risk to underwriters in such a way as to maximise their understanding of the exposure that they are being asked to consider. The ability to create a partnership between client, underwriter and broker is central to this philosophy and enables 3Di to provide long term insurance solutions through debate and discussion. Insurance is often only one part of a client’s risk management programme and it is tailoring it to meet each individual set of circumstances that sets 3Di apart.

3Di’s unique animated risk presentations are at the forefront of our drive to use technology to assist the underwriting process and enable underwriters to use their expertise to offer terms which otherwise might not be available. By delivering the facts in visual, written and kinaesthetic form this process provides clarity to the insurer whilst enabling the client to make a more informed choice. The move away from purely price driven decision making back to insurance’s primary function of properly protecting a client’s assets is one that 3Di wholeheartedly supports.