A complex risk is difficult to understand. This statement is logical but our response is not. As why should a risk’s complexity prevent it from being underwritten?

With underwriting profit becoming ever more important to insurers in the face of diminishing investment returns, the majority of Insurers stick to insuring risks with the least perceived exposure when these are almost always sold purely on price?

At 3Di we look upon complex risks as an opportunity to demonstrate our unique approach to the presentation of risk to Underwriters.

We believe that with the right approach, a complex risk, although challenging, can be underwritten in the current market at realistic terms. We have a number of ‘A’ rated insurers who are actively looking for complex risks to write and work in partnership to provide cover that meets the client’s needs.

The key is to provide the underwriter with as much knowledge of the risk as is possible. Our aim is for Underwriters to approach the task with an open mind. 3Di’s unique animated presentations provide a complete picture of the risk that is not possible from a written presentation alone.