Innovation and Tradition in the 21st Century

About 3Di

3Di are a Lloyd’s broker and a ‘Top 100’ insurance broking firm.

3Di is right at the heart of the London insurance market, working directly with the biggest names in the industry, and its aim is to provide innovative insurance solutions underpinned by a personal level of service.

3Di are a forward thinking business that utilises 21st Century animation technology alongside traditional insurance broking skills to bring a visualisation of risk to the underwriters.

Leading underwriters agree that the 3Di animations substantially enhance their comprehension of the risk; and as understanding the risk is the key ingredient in obtaining the right cover at the best commercial terms 3Di are in a unique position to help deliver that.

Benefits of Animation

3Di collate all the necessary information required for a quotation and not only provide a full underwriting presentation but also create a 3D animation.

The animation is then used as a visual medium alongside traditional broking methods to help explore, isolate and build a much more exacting assessment of risk.

Underwriters can then watch the animation on screen using controls to determine direction and view to simulate a site visit. Please select Construction animation to the right for demo.

Underwriters will see everything from every angle - dimensions, heights, distances, locations of buildings, number of personnel, time frames , data…….. in fact all the relevant facts that would be included in the written report, but in a fraction of the time and in a ‘live’ interactive format.

Voiceovers can also be added to allow greater explanation of specifics. This can be added by the client – who better to explain the risk!

Through animation 3Di can speed up the underwriting process and ensure best terms are obtained for the insured.

The animation makes communication across the interested parties much easier as everyone can view the animation simultaneously which saves time and becomes especially useful across international markets.