3 Dimensional Insurance Ltd

3 Dimensional Insurance (3Di) is a forward thinking Lloyd’s broker who is at the heart of the London insurance market.

The aim behind 3 Dimensional Insurance Ltd is to provide innovative insurance solutions underpinned by the traditional qualities of personal service and professionalism.

3Di use animation to present risks to underwriters in a new and exciting way. We embrace the technology available in the 21st century that speeds up the underwriting process, and makes the assessment of risk more exact.

By visualising risk, the knowledge and experience gained by underwriters over the years can be brought to the fore and utilised to provide the best available terms.

This unique process collates all the relevant information needed by an underwriter and turns it into an animation. The animation is then used as a visual medium alongside traditional broking methods to provide a far greater depth of understanding of the risk being proposed.

It can show a physical risk today, or it can be used to model a construction project before the first spade has touched the soil. Each stage of the process can be shown with clear and precise detail of the risks present throughout the term of the insurance.

Animation enables the insurer to “walk around” the risk on screen using controls to determine the direction and the view in order to simulate a site visit. An Underwriter can see everything from all angles – dimensions, heights, distances, locations, time frames, people, data……in fact all the relevant facts that would be included in the normal written presentation plus many more in a fraction of the time and in a live interactive format.

Leading underwriters agree that the animations substantially enhance their understanding of the risk, and as this is the key ingredient in obtaining the right cover at the best commercial terms, 3Di are in a unique position to deliver just that.

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