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3 Dimensional Insurance (3Di) is a forward thinking Lloyd’s broker involved in placing all classes of risk in UK and around the world. Where beneficial to Insured and Insurer 3Di uses 3 dimensional animation technology to present risks to underwriters in a new and exciting way. 3Di is at the heart of the London insurance market, active in Lloyds and looking to move the insurance industry forward in the 21st century.

The aim behind 3 Dimensional Insurance Ltd is to provide innovative insurance solutions underpinned by the traditional qualities of personal service and professionalism.

Animation enables the insurer to “walk around” the risk on screen using controls to determine the direction and the view in order to simulate a site visit. They can see everything from all angles – dimensions, heights, distances, locations, time frames, people, data……in fact all the relevant facts that would be included in the normal written presentation but in a fraction of the time and in a live interactive format.

This technology speeds up the underwriting process, and makes the assessment of risk more exact. By visualising risk, the knowledge and experience gained by underwriters over the years can be brought to the fore and utilised to provide the very best terms possible.

This unique process collates all the relevant information needed by an underwriter and turns it into a visual 3D animation. The animation is then used as a visual medium alongside traditional broking methods to provide a far greater depth of understanding of the risk being proposed.
It can show a physical risk today, or it can be used to model a construction project before the first spade has touched the soil. Each stage of the process can be shown with clear and precise detail of the risks present throughout the term of the insurance.
Leading underwriters agree that the animations substantially enhance their understanding of the risk, and as this is the key ingredient in obtaining the right cover at the best commercial terms, 3Di are in a unique position to deliver just that.

3Di Property Approach

3 Dimensional Insurance understand the property sector, not just property insurance.

We recognize the importance of the relationship between landlord and tenant, the need for property owner’s insurers to be able to satisfy the ever increasing requirements of lenders, the numerous nuances of JCT forms and many other key factors essential in managing a property portfolio.

Rarely is the insurance solution for any individual risk or portfolio the same and to cater for this 3Di have designed their own unique Property Owners policy to incorporate all types of risk. This wording is regularly updated and includes numerous extensions and cover enhancements to maximize protection for the Property Owner.

The availability of our exclusive animated presentations enabling underwriters to see and experience the risk rather than merely picturing it from a written presentation enables them to consider based on the facts of the risk and not reputational exposure of particular exposures.  Alongside this is our suite of Apps designed to make arranging and administering your insurance policy as easy possible.

In support of this we offer a fully computerized administration system and all documentation (including Certificates, Invoices and Policy Wordings) are issued from our office.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive efficient service, which will be of significant benefit to property owner’s, agents and tenants alike.


Vacant Property

Many Insurers are not keen on insuring vacant properties and should terms be offered they are in most cases extremely restrictive.

3Di has teamed up with a Lloyd’s Syndicate to create a policy specifically designed to insure vacant properties regardless of sum insured and period the premise has been vacant.

3Di combine technology with insurance to assist with the risk management of a vacant property. 3Di have designed a simple to use Unoccupancy App that ensures regular inspections are carried out and the condition of the risk monitored. This use of technology provides peace of mind to Underwriters and has enabled them to offer the widest cover for vacant risks at excellent terms.

Cover is offered for a wide range of perils or the traditional perils insured for vacant risks Fire, Lightning, Aircraft & Explosion. Alternative quotes are made available for every enquiry.

Please contact us for further details or complete our questionnaire to enable terms to be provided.

Examples of risks we have insured in the last few months are;

•Vacant offices being converted into residential apartments.
•A vacant Hotel.
•Vacant industrial units, both modern and old.
•A vacant church.
•Vacant houses being converted into flats.
•A vacant former nursing home.
•Vacant shop units and offices.
•A vacant trade counter with associated warehousing space.

To find out more about the work that 3 Dimensional Insurance do abroad, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Complex Property

Most people would agree with the statement that the greater the complexity of a risk, the harder it is to gain the insurance required. The reality is that the majority of Insurers only consider risks with the least perceived exposure that are almost always sold purely on price.

3Di believe that with the right approach from the outset, a complex risk ‘one that is not easy to analyse or understand, complicated or intricate’ will gain interest from Insurers.

3Di specialise in the placement of complex business having developed an animation system for the insurance industry based on Neil Fleming’s principal of VARK;

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Reading
  • Kinaesthetic


3Di’s unique animated presentations provide a complete understanding of the risk that is not provided from a written presentation alone.

It is our aim to demonstrate to Insurers that a potentially uninsurable complex risk is or can become an insurable complex risk.

Alongside this approach 3Di have arranged a facultative quota share facility with a number of leading insurers to specifically cater for these types of  risks.


To find out more about the work that 3 Dimensional Insurance do abroad, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


International Business

At 3Di, a large section of business is abroad, some of which includes:

South-AfricaDread event business in South Africa



Trucking & Heavy equipment business in Israel



Expatriate life & personal accident business from brokers in Canada


Ecuadorian reinsurance license obtained



Employee concentrating on USA wholesale business from an operation with 30+ offices



Reinsurance brokers to 3 Dimensional Insurance Brokers India Private Ltd a IRDA regulated and licensed composite broker

To find out more about the work that 3 Dimensional Insurance do abroad, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


News and Press

Have you found that some of your risks don’t quite fit an underwriter’s appetite?

They could do it, but for all sorts of reasons the book says, No!
It looks okay to you but you are having trouble getting it placed.

At 3Di, we look upon these risks as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. Just because it requires a bit of underwriting expertise doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In partnership with the Cobra Network, we have A rated insurers who are actively looking for more complex risks to write and are happy to take the time to make sure that the cover meets the client’s needs.

As one of our brokers recently put it,
“It is like the good old days”.


The team at 3Di are specialists in Complex Risks and always happy to discuss in more detail. Please contact us on 0203 327 0292 or email keith.langton@3diltd.co.uk

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